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21 Things I Want To Do At 21

I’m not going to lie to you, finally hitting 21 was a little scary. I knew the day was coming up but I couldn't help wish it away. It’s the last big milestone in your life, when you’re truly supposed to be who you’re meant to be, when you’re finally classed as an adult. I’d spent all of my life looking up to those in their twenties thinking ‘wow they’re so grown up’, ‘they’ve got their life together’, ‘they know exactly what they want’. Now I’ve crossed into the threshold I can safely say, they definitely didn’t. It feels like a limbo stage in my life, as I’m no longer interested in the things I did as a teen but I’m not mature enough to think about where my life is heading. Honestly, between you and me, I’m just winging it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly lucky and thankful to be in the position I have found myself in. I’m surrounded by supportive friends and family that want to see me succeed, a job that I’m good at, enough money to not have to worry and the most incredible partner I could have ever wished for. But I still don’t feel grown up. I have so much of the world I’m yet to experience and many lessons to learn before I even get close to it. Up until now I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life, I always shied away from anything I felt even remoted scared of but this is the year I step out of my comfort bubble and do things I’ve always wanted to do. Here are 21 things I want to do at 21 to help me grow.

1. Journal more, writing down my thoughts has always lead to a more peaceful mind.
2. Spend more time with my friends, be that just for a coffee or a trip away.
3. Read books to inspire me and help me improve myself.
4. Not give a fuck what people think and experiment with my style.
5. Have more photoshoots and learn to feel comfortable in front of a camera.
6. Get more tattoos, I feel it’s such an amazing way to express yourself and one is just not enough.
7. Spend more time looking after myself, 2018 is going to be the year of me.
8. Push myself out of my comfort bubble and watch a band in a different country.
9. Read all of the Harry Potter books.
10. Also, visit the Harry Potter studios (Joe, if you’re reading this, take note).
11. Progress further in my career, I have some specific goals in mind I’d like to hit before I turn 22.
12. Hit my fitness goals by being consistent and prioritising my health.
13. Be more spontaneous and stop overthinking things, it leads to more adventures.
14. Travel around Europe, I’d love to opportunity to travel more than once this year and European cities are top of my list.
15. Do more for charity, I’m very privileged and I think it’s time I give back.
16. Prioritise time with my family, specifically my wonderful grandparents.
17. Go somewhere new on my own. It’s time I took back control of my anxiety.
18. Experiment more with makeup. It’s literally art and I can do so much more than a warm smokey eye and nude lip.
19. Take more photos. As a teen I used to take photos of everyone and everything and I love looking back on them now. I want to create more memories this year.
20. Take more risks, I'll never progress if I don't.
21. Learn to love myself more for who I am. I have been through a lot and I’m still here with a positive mindset pushing forward and that’s awesome.

All in all, these things are going to push me towards a happier life. I’d be facing fears, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and opening myself up to new experiences. That is exactly what I want my twenties to be about. I’m ready to learn, be stupid and make some sweet memories in what is set to be one of the best years of my life.

Love, Lauren x
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